Restore Your Beautiful Smile with Dentures

Tooth loss can be disheartening for some, but it is not necessarily something you need to live with! Restorative treatments can help you get the beautiful and healthy smile of your dreams. Our dentist recommends Rialto CA dentures as a fantastic option for smile restoration. Dentures can be used to replace one or multiple teeth, and they can be customized to meet your specific smile needs. Keep reading to learn more about dentures and restorative dentistry here at Bright Smile Dental Care.
Dentures can be a great choice for anyone looking to restore their beautiful and healthy smile. This restorative treatment can improve functionality of your smile and can help make daily tasks easier. Chewing, speaking, and general confidence can all be improved with help from Rialto CA dentures. Dentures are also easily removed which provide patients with a totally convenient experience. Implants can be attached to a natural tooth, a crown, or a dental implant. That helps make this treatment more customizable to meet a patient's unique needs. One tooth acts as an anchor to hold the dentures in place, and they help to provide a more natural-looking appearance. Whether you need complete or partial dentures, our team can help find the perfect option for your smile!
Conventional dentures are the most common type of denture chosen by patients. This option is used to replace all of the teeth and are removable. Traditional dentures are placed directly on the gums and then removed for cleaning. Dentures can be made to be removable by the wearer while other dentures may need to be removed by our dentist. The right option for your smile would be based on your unique smile needs. Some partial dentures may be created to help restore individual teeth without needing to make adjustments to other healthy teeth. Partial dentures can use implants or your natural teeth to be held in place. This restorative option may require you to have several visits with our dentist to make sure your smile is healthy. Additional treatments may be necessary prior to receiving your Rialto CA dentures. 
Dentures may feel odd or out of place at first, but after some time you will be able to get used to the feeling or wearing them daily. If you find that your dentures are too uncomfortable or if they cause any soreness, talk to our dentist. We can make any necessary adjustments so that you can get the perfect fit. When using your dentures for eating or speaking, start slowly until things feel more natural. Some partial dentures may be easier to use if they incorporate dental implants. Implants act and look just like natural teeth, so they can help provide a more comfortable experience with your dentures. 
Implants can hold your dentures in place if you do not have healthy natural teeth to support them. To find out if your smile may require additional treatments outside of just dentures, schedule a smile consultation with our team. Learn more about Rialto CA dentures by calling our office at (909) 877-2000 or by filling out a contact request form directly on our site. We can help you restore your beautiful and healthy smile!